Arcolinux vision
Learn, Have Fun and Enjoy.
That is our motto.

Just Learn

Come for the learning experience and improve your Linux skills through the many articles and Youtube articles. Invest your time in ArcoLinux and we will invest in you. We have a 1-2 year learning plan if you like to improve your linux skills.

Just Have Fun

Enjoy the many possibilities to change and tune ArcoLinux to your liking. Use all the tools we provide.Themes, icons, conky’s, …

Just Enjoy

Come for the fact that all desktop environments and applications have been themed to look awesome and enjoy your system.
ArcoLinux can be a never-ending story
Invest in ArcoLinux and we will invest in you
Improve your linux skills
We envision a 1- 2 year learning/development plan

Arcolinux has A learning plan


If you start learning linux then XFCE is a great way to start. If you know your way around the system then we can start learning Openbox. You will see it again as a challenge to know how this desktop environment works.  The next challenge then will be to learn a window tiling manager like i3, which is mostly keyboard driven. Each desktop environment increases in complexity.


ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux iso. No applications and no desktop environments.

After phase 1 you know what desktop you like and you install the building blocks yourself together with our Youtube tutorials.
We will install Xfce or Openbox or i3 together.


ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux. No applications (firefox, vlc, ...) No desktop environments.

There are other desktop environments you can explore. Let us install them together like Awesome, Gnome, ...


ArcoLinux will give you the power the change the ArcoLinux iso and make it your own personal iso with your applications like ArcoLInuxB-Gnome, ArcoLinuxB-Plasma, ArcoLinuxB-Xfce, ArcoLinuxB-Awesome, ...

Insteal steam or obs-studio on the iso... anything really.

Remove and add applications at will. Then burn your personal iso.


Let us install Arch Linux together.
Let us install it the "Arch way".
Choose the building blocks.
Choose the desktop environment.
Choose the applications.


Making an iso like ArcoLinux is a time intensive and knowledge intensive project.

We will go into ALL the technicalities users see but also all the details going on at the back-end office like the repo's, github, workflow management,...

Provide an operating system with all applications with personal theming installed but also bluetooth, printers, …
After the installation no fuss and all fun.
Provide a continuous stream of tutorials and knowledge on ArcoLinux.
Easy setup. No technical knowledge.
Low in cpu and memory consumption
Provide all icons, themes, cursors, wallpapers, … out of the box.
Provide Windows users a comfortable transition to the (Arch) Linux world.
Blazing fast.

Rolling Release

ArcoLinux is a rolling release distribution. Your entire system, from the base OS components to the applications that you install, will receive updates.

Tweaking and theming of ArcoLinux will end up in your /etc/skel.


ArcoLinux is available in many languages including Spanish, Galician, Catalan, English, German, and more.

We rely on the skills of the Xfce team for that.

Easily install ArcoLinux with Calamares, our easy-to-use graphical installer.

We rely on the skills of the Calamares team for that.


All is Included

ArcoLinux aims to include everything you need. The default configuration on Xfce4, Openbox and i3 provides you with a ready-to-use and fully themed system.

You’ll be able to surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, and do anything else you like.

Simply reboot your system, choose your wallpaper, icon theme, theme and cursor and have fun..

Helpful Community

The ArcoLinux community is a friendly bunch of users with a wide range of experience levels. If you encounter any problems or just have a question, our community is always happy to help.

Fast response time.