(09/2017 – 02/2018)

ArchMerge is a merger of 3 desktop environments. Xfce4Openbox and i3. We think this order is the ideal roadmap to learn more about linux and Arch Linux. The complexity of the desktops increases gradually but your settings of your applications, icons, themes and your files move with you from desktop to desktop. Quite an advantage.

The project content changed so considerably that a new name had to be chosen. Read about this decision in this article.



(02/2017 – 08/2017)

ArchMerge is the continuation of the vision Erik Dubois had for ArchLabs 5.0 or R2-D2.

Erik Dubois has been a lead project engineer at ArchLabs till end August 2017.

ArchMerge will continue to follow his vision.

Erik was previously active on the ArchLabs Project
here is an interview WITH DESTINATION LINUX
The video was taken some days before 26 June 2017. Mid July I created my last ArchLabs iso R2-D2 or 5.0.

We had decided to include i3wm in the ArchLabs R2-D2 iso. Because frankly I was missing this great tiling window manager. That was the hot news I wanted to share in the video. This i3 config is my personal config that had been traveling with me from system to system.

On you will see that there is a menu called i3. You can install i3 on any distro like ubuntu, linux mint, solus, …

Take the time to explore i3. Many tutorials have been created to set you going.