Thanks to the work we have done in adding more packages for every desktop and dividing them up into

  • desktop essential elements (arcolinux-bspwm, …)
  • non-desktop essential elements (arcolinux-config-bspwm,…)

we have now more flexibility with our packages.

We can now combine with more ease different desktops together.

Time to test that out in the project ArcoLinuxB Xtended.

To extend

  • to stretch out to the fullest
  • to exert (oneself) to full capacity
  • to make available

We would like you to extend your knowledge of Tiling Window Managers.

Tiling Window Managers are a special breed but once you passed a hurdle you will love them.

All tutorials can be found on

We have created a playlist of 19 video’s. They will explain step by step how easy it is

to create your own iso

with the apps you like

and with the desktops you like.

Enjoy the learning.