ArchMerge is a merger of XFCE4, Openbox and i3. That is the reason for the name and that is why we had 3 gaps in the Arch Linux logo. Proud to be able to work with Arch.

Then we started making more and more desktops on top of ArchMergeD iso and we felt we needed to rebrand our distro. We have now 9 desktops (Feb 2018) in total.

We decided to rebrand our distro as ArcoLinux.

We encourage you to spread the word about ArcoLinux. You can download the logo’s underneath. Your download will contain a svg file. You can open svg’s with inkscape.

Now you are at liberty to change the colors, add effects and filters.

We only ask you to stay true to the logo. So we still recognize it is an ArcoLinux logo.

The font used is plain Sans-Serif.

The blue color of the logo is #6790EB or rgb(103, 144, 235). The text is just white (ffffff).


These logo’s are also on your ArcoLinux system in 



You will find more logo’s there.