gtk-xfce-engine is gone

gtk-xfce-engine is no longer in the repositories. Provided themes with gtk2 support. Was never included on ArcoLinuxD iso. Bumping number together with ArcoLinux iso.


improvement on Archiso – buildprocess

  1. building scripts look awesome with some coloring – you know in what stage your are
  2. liveuser has no password anymore – possible to login in TTY on livedvd if needed
  3. more space on dvd to install packages to experiment with settings and applications
  4. mkinitcpio.conf – no modulesĀ i915 and nouveau


ArcoLinuxD LXQt has been created

As usual we started creating this new desktop LXQt from the ArcoLinuxD iso and then creating the ArcoLinuxB iso.

LXQt uses openbox as session for the windows so we started with Arco-Openbox and changed the scripts to our need to create

git clone https://github.com/arcolinuxd/arco-lxqt

More info on the beta page of ArcoLinuxB.


Calamares – set all cores to be used automatically

We have a script in ~/.bin to make sure you use all the cores of your hardware.
We tend to forget it and not run it.
Now Calamares will run it automatically for us.


White ArcoLinux logo on ArcoLinuxD grub

Just for fun and to distinguish visually that you are booting from the ArcoLinuxD usb.

calamares can be started in debugging mode

It was always possible to start calamares in debugging mode with

calamares -d

but now we have actually added a menu to your system so you can just click.

The debugging link is hardly visible.

You will find it in the bottom left corner.


New choices to install ArcoLinux in GRUB

On the forum we have supplied many solutions for booting up and changing the grub line. Those solutions are now in the standard startup.
If one line does not work, try another till it works on your hardware.



Calamares 3.2.8



We are using the Calamares 3.2.8 release.
You can read about it here.

We have used this release to work on our configs (including ArcoLinuxB) as well.



Added packages

Dialog has been added for those who connect via wifi-menu to the network.



Changes in Arcolinux affect also ArcoLinuxD



  • Getting rid of the two xfce related wallpapers in /usr/share/backgrounds/xfce after installation
  • more screens for wallpaper in xfce


Calamares for Arcolinuxd

New version for calamares 3.2.3 – more info


Calamares for Arcolinuxd

Added images for

  • qtile
  • xmonad

to the Calamares installer of ArcoLinuxD


Started development of ArcoLinuxd-xmonad

Because of the development of the scripts for Xmonad we updated these packages :

  • arcolinux-polybar-git
  • arcolinux-variety-git

And created a new packge

  • arcolinux-xmonad-git

Updated AUR packages

  • yay-bin


Rebuild of Calamares (qt version to 5.12) + added package qt5-xmlpatterns