made new images for all the ArcoLinuxB Calamares configurations – improving calamares with lesser applications in packages.both if possible

New calamares greeter for all ArcoLinuxB editions

Example Cinnamon

6.8.4 ArcoLinuxB Plasma


made sure arcolinux-calamares configuration is gone after installation

gkpg will not pop-up on the livecd anymore

Installed applications:

We are using the latest version of Calamares 3.2.0.

Uninstalled applications:

All ArcoLinux gtk themes are OFF LIMITS. They will not work.

New calamares configurations for ArcolinuxB-Plasma

We use ArcoLinux iso to make our ArcoLinuxB iso. To give the ArcoLinuxB iso’s a personal touch we give them a separate calamares configuration.

Xfce is used as the delivery system to install the desktops.

It is only after installation that you will be able to see the chosen desktop.

Reasons are obvious : maintainability and continuity.


Installed applications:

For the project ArcoLinuxB we created several new packages so that we do not interfere with the configuration of ArcoLinux.

  • arcolinux-config-gnome-git
  • arcolinux-config-plasma-git
  • arcolinux-config-cinnamon-git
  • arcolinux-oblogout-awesome
  • arcolinux-oblogout-bspwm

and all calamares packages that come with it to give it a personal touch.

  • arcolinuxb-calamares-awesome-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-bspwm-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-budgie-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-cinnamon-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-deepin-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-gnome-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-i3-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-mate-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-openbox-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-plasma-git
  • arcolinuxb-calamares-xfce