ArcoLinux is an Arch Linux based distro that uses

  1. Arch Linux as a base – red color
  2. elements from the AUR (applications from github, debian (deb), redhat (rpm), compressed files, etc…) – blue color
  3. ArcoLinux created elements (themes, icons, conky’s, tweaks and configs) – blue color

Do “yaourt –stats” to count your packages.

90% of our packages
ARE coming from Arch Linux

ArcoLinux is a rolling release so
no need to reinstall but
every month we release
an iso with the newest
changes and updates

ArcoLinux has a
learning plan
for you.


If you start learning linux then XFCE is a great way to start. If you know your way around the system then we can start learning Openbox. You will see it again as a challenge to know how this desktop environment works.  The next challenge then will be to learn a window tiling manager like i3, which is mostly keyboard driven. Each desktop environment increases in complexity.


ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux iso. No applications and no desktop environments.

After phase 1 you know what desktop you like and you install the building blocks yourself together with our Youtube tutorials.
We will install Xfce or Openbox or i3 together.


ArcoLinuxD is a stripped down ArcoLinux. No applications (firefox, vlc, ...) No desktop environments.

There are other desktop environments you can explore. Let us install them together like Awesome, Gnome, ...


ArcoLinux will give you the power the change the ArcoLinux iso and make it your own personal iso with your applications like ArcoLInuxB-Gnome, ArcoLinuxB-Plasma, ArcoLinuxB-Xfce, ArcoLinuxB-Awesome, ...

Insteal steam or obs-studio on the iso... anything really.

Remove and add applications at will. Then burn your personal iso.


Let us install Arch Linux together.
Let us install it the "Arch way".
Choose the building blocks.
Choose the desktop environment.
Choose the applications.


Making an iso like ArcoLinux is a time intensive and knowledge intensive project.

We will go into ALL the technicalities users see but also all the details going on at the back-end office like the repo's, github, workflow management,...

Get hooked on ArcoLinux.
Join us on our learning platforms

More info here


Download it now



When you use the arcolinux iso this is going to be your place to go to. You will learn about Xfce, Openbox and i3. You will find additional tutorials about these three on

This is phase 1 in our learning path.

ArcoLinuxD.Com – phase 2

Check the menu called Phase 2.

When you use the ArcoLinuxD iso this is going to be your place to go to. Here you also have tutorials about Xfce, Openbox and i3.

You use the ArcoLinuxD iso and run scripts to have one of the three desktops. Then follow the articles and video’s with the most commonly asked questions.

This is phase 2 in our learning path.

ArcoLinuxD.Com – phase 3

Check the menu called Phase 3.

You use the ArcoLinuxD iso and choose from a wide range of desktops and run scripts to have a working system. Then follow all the articles and video’s with the most commonly asked questions.

  • Awesome
  • Bspwm
  • Budgie
  • Cinnamon
  • Gnome
  • Mate

This is phase 3 in our learning path.

ArcoLinuxD.Com – Phase 4

Check the menu called Phase 4.

Let us build your own personalized ArcoLinuxB iso.

You can build up your system on the 2 Gigabyte ArcoLinux iso. Choose just one desktop and your applications and build a personal iso.

You run 1 script and you will get 1 iso.


B stands for Build stands for Build your own iso stands for BYOI.

This is phase 4 in our learning path.

ArcoLinuxD.Com – Phase 5

Check the menu called Phase 5.

Since ArcoLinux is based on Arch Linux it is only natural to want to learn how to install Arch Linux the ‘ArchWay‘ from scratch. There is a tutorial for BIOS and UEFI based systems. Step by step guide what to do.

You will be guided step by step and end up in a desktop of your choice.

This is phase 5 in our learning path.

When you have a more technical questions, i.e. questions that can not be answered quickly with a yes or no, post a topic on our forum. The advantage of posting it on the forum is that we, the developers can spare time. Other users will encounter same or similar challenges and they can look it up here.

Social media are not suitable to assist you.

Please browse through two of the most important parts of our forum:

That is our way to keep the frustration level to a minimum so you can enjoy your system.
Check it out.

Arch Linux forum – Manjaro Forum – Antergos Forum

When you have a more technical or hardware related questions we often ask:  “Did you check on the forums from other distro’s based on Arch Linux?”. Look for the posts that are marked [SOLVED].

You are NEVER alone if you have hardware issues. Look for the solution on other forums.



Many of the articles on the website and on the forum have a youtube video to show you what to do.

You can use the search of Youtube to find what you are looking for.

You can also look for a particular playlist.


We use discord as a means to quickly communicate with testers, beta testers, ArcoLinux enthusiasts. You can communicate directly with the ArcoLinux core team and ArcoLinux users.

You can come and join us via this link :

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