Video about Numixx plank themes results in 17 extra plank themes

We have added 17 new themes to the plank themes package after creating a new version of the numixx plank theme.

We have 101 plank themes to choose from.


New fun scripts added to your .bin

New fun scripts called thebat and thebats2 have been added

New conky Mowgli-qclocktwo

The conky in the middle of the screen will tell you the time in text form. All credits to Mowgli on deviantart.

Compton update from 4 to 5

There is a new compton.conf introduced after the update from 4 to 5.

Awesome, Bspwm, i3, Openbox and Xnomad share the same compton.conf now.
Fix for virtualbox becoming darker included.

polybar extra bar at bottom

All desktops, that use polybar, can now have an extra bar at the bottom of the screen as well.


openbox keyboard shortcut

Super + Shift + r will reconfigure your openbox (coming from Bspwm, Xmonad)


Vlc and Flameshot will use Arc-dark from now on.

Avahi is enabled by default at boot again

 It is needed for wireless printer support and other devices on your network like NAS.

The script ~/bin/main/150-install-network-discovery-v4.sh takes care of that in the meantime.

Added nss-mdns back in for support to NAS servers for example.

Added gvfs-smb to be able to connect to a SAMBA server.


new calamares for Arcolinux

New version for calamares 3.2.3 – more info


transmission is out and qbittorrent is in

We are using the settings in arcolinux-kvantum-git to give qbittorrent an Arc Theme look.

The first image is qbittorrent with the kvantum default theme. 

The next image is qbittorrent with the kvantum-theme-arc.
With right-mouse click in the panel you can set the icons to the side of the text.
Obviously you need these packages installed and the config has to move to your home directory. The skel alias will take care of the last thing.

Calamares config update

Changed the images of the Calamares installer of ArcoLinux.

Images now show that Arcolinux contains

  • xfce
  • openbox
  • i3

Too many people looking at this distro do not know it contains 3 desktops in one.

hblock update

Hblock is there for you protection. You decide if you install it.
Read more here.


boxes has been added to the fun script now version 4

Boxes can draw some decorations around the text you want to display in a terminal.
You give it a .txt file with content in it.

Choose a design and center it like in these examples.
Code is provided in the examples.

Type boxes -l to see all the possible design – at least 10 more choices

More examples here.

Colortest fun script

Every month we include a fun script in our ~/.bin folder.

This time it is colortest and colortest-slim.

Stargate conky

New conky of the month is in theme with Stargate films

All conky’s have been revised – no conkies are using fonts that might have copyright restrictions on them. You can make conkies nicer at any time with fonts from freefonts.com, dafonts.com or fontsquirrel.com and many other.

Conky lazuli will show you monthly usage of bandwidth

Vnstat, if installed and started, can track your bandwith on your system. The script that measures the monthly usage has now been corrected. See image


Kvantum, kvantum for plasma and qt5

For usability and flexibility split qt5 settings from the kvantum settings in different desktop environments.


Calamares 3.2

We are using version calamares 3.2 as of now.
Packages for calamares have been changed for it.


general changes for Arcolinux packages

arcolinux-bin-git : renaming of scripts for microcode

kvantum settings and qt5 settings

We created a new package called


It contains the settings for kvantummanager in ~/.config/Kvantum

We migrated the ~/.config/qt5ct folder from arcolinux-config-git to this one since they are related. 


Top : the look after the update to version 6 – unreadable text – white on light blue

Down : after configuration and installation of kvantum-qt5


Top : the look after the installation of kvantum-qt5

Down : after configuration and installation of kvantum-theme-arc

Virtualbox 6.0 has been released

31 December 2018 Virtualbox 6.0 release.

Our dark theme was broken after the update.

We added two packages to the list to have our dark theme back.

  • kvantum-qt5
  • kvantum-theme-arc

More info here.

The look of Virtualbox 6.0 after the update


Ufetch-arco has the correct Arcolinux blue now

sudo pacman -S ufetch-arco-git to install this package.

NOmacs is beautiful now

Nomacs is standard installed but the theme was changed overtime so we could hardly see the icons in the panel on top. We have set it standard to a dark theme.

Arcolinux-config-git has been updated.

Updated AUR packages

  • conky-lua-archers
  • i3-gaps-next
  • inxi
  • oomox
  • pamac-aur
  • perl-linux-desktopfiles
  • vivaldi
  • vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin
  • yay-bin
  • zafiro

Rebuild of Calamares (qt version to 5.12) + added package qt5-xmlpatterns