Open thunar as root from Dolphin

Since Dolphin does not provide support to open a folder as root we rely on thunar to do the job.

Right mouse click to get a good workflow going.

mirrorx and mirrorxx

We have added an ‘experimental’ alias to your .bashrc. It just means we will be changing it over time.

Everyone wants a fast download from the Arch Linux servers. Our ArcoLinux Welcome app uses the same config at the moment.

alias mirrorx='sudo reflector --age 6 --latest 20 --fastest 20 --threads 5 --sort rate --protocol https --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist'
alias mirrorxx='sudo reflector --age 6 --latest 20  --fastest 20 --threads 20 --sort rate --protocol https --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist'


Someone reported on the forum that REMOVING xf86-video-intel made the system boot up again. We created therefor the next version for March to exclude that package. So far the results are promising. All installations were succesful  without the package. If you see the graphics are not perfect on your intel graphics card install the package and you will be fine.

In the same time we took a look at xfce and thunar packages. Some isos will no longer include them by default. You will have to select them during the installation process in Calamares.