ArcoLinux goes rolling

The file /etc/lsb-release used to contain a number reference to the iso.
Like 20.7.5

So did the file /etc/os-release.

Again and again we have to convince people that this is just a number.
It does not mean you are up-to-date.

Updating is done with update, skel and upall in a terminal.

With the new update of lsb-release of 10/07/2020 we decided to break with tradition.

ArcoLinux is now rolling. Example in the sysinfo script.

To achieve the rolling release everywhere we added 2 pacman hooks.

/etc/lsb-release will not change anymore after an update of lsb-release

/etc/os-release will not change anymore after an update of filesystem

We repurposed the current file /etc/dev-rel to reflect

  • the iso version used to install ArcoLinux -D – B
  • the distribution name used to install ArcoLinux -D -B
  • time of the build

We can easily consult this with the alias iso.

Dconf – ArcoLinux flagship

We have set bluetooth to show a white icon in the right bottom bar in xfce.

We stop using symbolic icons in panel.

You can set this manually via dconf-editor.

Archiso v45-1

We have to adapt our build scripts to the new release of Archiso.

21 githubs/isos need to change. First we try out ArcoLinux and ArcoLinuxD then we move over to ArcoLinuxB.