ArcoLinux Grub Vimix theme

Using the latest code from the developer, adding wallpapers and changing the settings to our preference.

Multiple boots can always be done. ArcoLinux, ArcoLinuxD and ArcoLinuxB on one ssd.

ArcoLinux Tweak Tool

Deepins new release is considerably different.

There are no longer any conflicting packages with the other 15 desktops.

Text changed to reflect that.


2 new aliases can be used in order to remove lock files.

One for pacman and one for ArcoLinux Logout.

We type rm and press twice on TAB.

alias rmlogoutlock='sudo rm /tmp/arcologout.lock'
alias rmpacmanlock='sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck'

ArcoLinux Logout on dual screen – i3

After updates we see that ArcoLinux Logout crashes if you have a dual screen. We will resolve the issue. But in the meantime it is a good idea to have a backup to lock, logout, suspend, shutdown or restart i3wm.

We have put the code back from a few months in this keyboard shortcut


We have updated arcolinux-logout. It will behave differently and will follow the rules of each desktop.

For example in qtile with dual screens the icons will be in the middle of the two screens.

Xmonads config changed to ensure that arcolinux-logout is not floating anymore. Update and skel to get the new config.

More packages on ArcoLinux iso

We have added hunspell-en_US and hyphen-en to the package list. The applications hunspell and hyphen were already present.

ArcoLinuxB Lxqt

We use only one package on all our isos : arcolinux-kvantum-git. We stop using arcolinux-kvantum-lxqt-git.

This follows the rule to downsize the number of packages if possible.

ArcoLinuxB – oblogout and slim out

None of our ArcoLinuxB isos now have the packages onboard. Previous month we made the switch to ArcoLinux Logout.


Deepin feels like it is still in beta. We see this in some details like setting the theme (not possible yet). But it improves after every update.

At the moment it lacks some finishing touches.

We have rewritten our three configs for the new Deepin.

We stay much closer to the original Arch Linux look.

We have tweaked the drop down terminal, we have our keyboard shortcuts and we have a new wallpaper.

No more galculater config. No more htop config. No more nomacs config. No sound effects.

There were issues with setting the wallpaper in the past. That seems to be solved with the latest updates.

Use alle cores during building and compressing

All ArcoLinux isos take care of this during installation.

If you are on Arch Linux, you can download arcolinux-bin-git and use our script.

The script ~/.bin/main/000-use-all-cores-makepkg-conf-v5.sh ensures you use the full potential of your computer.  

Pamac-aur not showing icons

We have waited a long time for the fix to come from Arch Linux.

The script, that will show icons in your pamac-aur, is in~/.bin/stay-rolling/2020/20.05-to-20.06/fix-pamac-aur-no-icons.sh

Use all cores + zst

Script has been updated. /etc/makepkg is changed in order to use all cores available from building and compressing packages.

Standard package extension is zst and not xz.


We have changed the calamares.desktop files in order for Deepin to show the actual checkboxes. Thanks to the tip from FerenOs.

We needed to adjust our ArcoLinux Welcome Application accordingly.

Calamares – browsers

We added more browsers to the Calamares installer. We discovered a few new browsers while creating Carli 6.

Image from Carli project

We will add

  • midori
  • min
  • netsurf
  • torbrowser-launcher


We have added arc-gtk-theme to the packages where necessary.

We have changed the skel command. It will now make a back-up of your .config.

Carli 6

The Carli project continues with big leaps.

10 more articles with 13 youtube videos to boost your knowledge.

We have created the following desktops:

  1. Plasma
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Mate
  4. Xfce4
  5. Gnome

We have learned to build in a chroot environment and learned to work with a variety of modules from Calamares.
Image below is the netinstall module from Calamares. We use as well the shellprocess module.

You can bingewatch all the steps we take to develop Carli via the playlist on Youtube


ArcoLinux update mirrors

Most of of our packages come from Arch Linux. There are many Arch Linux servers around the globe but which of those servers are the fastest.

We have aliases like mirror, mirrors, mirrord and mirrora. But you have to remember to type it in manually.

Then we created a cron job that will update the Arch Linux mirrors sometime during the day. That is still in place.

As a response to the users, who wanted the fastest server during installation, we created a service.

Both packages arcolinux-system-config-git or arcolinuxd-system-config-git will update your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist during boot time. It does not matter if it is a live usb or an ssd.

This service was working just fine on many computers. However some users have reported an error in the update-mirror.service.

We believe it can be due to a slow communication between computer and router in the users network.

We have changed the service to wait till your computer is online.

When you have NO internet connection at boot time, you will see the error when you shut down. The application reflector tries to connect to the internet and fails. Hence the error message. Once you have set up your wireless connection, reflector can get the fastest servers and no error message will be displayed when you shut down.

6 ArcoLinux logout themes

We created 3 new ArcoLinux Logout themes.

sudo pacman -S arcolinux-logout-themes-git
  • surfn
  • breeze
  • breeze-blur
  • candy
  • runes
  • handy

Removed from iso

We have removed the following package from the isos

  • aurvote-git (orphaned – no github updates in years)



Archiso is the package we use to build our isos.

When there is a new package from Arch Linux all scripts need to be checked.

We have removed the following package from the isos

  • libatomic_ops


ArcoLinux Logout

We have removed the following packages from the iso

  • arcolinux-oblogout
  • arcolinux-oblogout-themes-git
  • arcolinux-slim
  • arcolinux-slimlock-themes-git


We are using Calamares 3.2.24. More info can be found here.

We are hoping that we do not see the umount error anymore at the end of the installation.

Knowing full well that the installation was successful and that the message is bogus.

Config of Calamares had to be changed.

kdeadmin-meta and kdebase-meta do not exist anymore – kde-system-meta is the new package that replaces both.

As a result we had to update ArcoLinux Tweak Tool